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Quantum Darknet Market

quantum market

In the realm of darknet marketplaces, privacy and security have become paramount concerns. With recent revelations surrounding the arrests of Monopoly Market users, it is evident that users need platforms that prioritize these aspects. Quantum Market prides itself on being a privacy-focused marketplace, offering a wide range of physical and digital goods, from drugs and counterfeit items to fraud-related items and software.

User-Friendly Registration and Login Process

To access the products on Quantum Market, users are required to create an account. The registration process is straightforward, requiring key details such as a username (public and private), password, and PIN. Upon completion, users must solve a captcha challenge, presented as a sliding puzzle. Although it may seem daunting initially, a "Click here for help" option provides step-by-step instructions on solving the puzzle. Once registered, users receive a mnemonic code that must be saved in case they forget their password. Logging in thereafter is hassle-free. Quantum Marketplace boasts a clean and easily navigable layout, with all essential functions conveniently located within the header, making it user-friendly for newcomers.

Adherence to Marketplace Rules

Quantum Marketplace operates in accordance with the rules typically found in darknet markets. Sales of weapons, child pornography (CP), fentanyl, poisons, and involvement in terrorism-related activities are strictly prohibited. Misleading or duplicate listings, which can be a common problem on some markets, are also not allowed. Vendors who violate these rules may face a warning or be permanently banned. For new vendors, a bond of $500 for physical vendors or $250 for digital vendors is required. Established vendors with over 500 sales can apply for a bond waiver.

Streamlined Product Search

Quantum Market offers a straightforward product search process. Users begin by selecting a category or subcategory from the Marketplace page, displayed on the left-hand side. From there, filtering options by origin country, destination country, and dispatch type are available, with the ability to sort results by price or age. While Quantum may have fewer search options compared to other markets, it still enables users to identify the products they are seeking most of the time. The search results are presented in a grid format, offering key information such as product photos, types, names, vendor names, prices in dollars, Bitcoin, and Monero, along with review scores. However, information about the shipping origin is only visible when entering the individual listing. While this can be filtered, the lack of upfront visibility may deter larger, more established vendors from trading on the platform.

Comprehensive Product Information

In each product listing, users can find large product photos, detailed descriptions, shipping locations, creation dates, and various wholesale pricing options. The listing also indicates the number of sales and any review feedback left by other buyers. Clicking the "feedback" tab provides access to more detailed text feedback. Additionally, users can view vendor profiles by clicking on their name, allowing them to assess the vendor's reputation, PGP key, total sales, and average review scores. Users can send private messages or follow specific vendors for future convenience.

Smooth Purchasing Process

When ready to make a purchase on Quantum, users must first deposit the necessary amount in their market wallets. All payments are transacted in Bitcoin and Monero. By clicking on the balance shown in the top right corner of the page, users can access their wallet page. After selecting either Bitcoin or Monero and generating a deposit address, users must ensure they are not on a phishing site to avoid scams. Depositing slightly more than the quoted cost is advisable to account for potential crypto price fluctuations and shipping expenses. Once the deposit is confirmed, users can proceed with the purchase, select their desired item, provide shipping details and quantity, and then choose payment with Bitcoin or Monero. Address details are recommended to be PGP encrypted by the user for maximum safety in case of a compromise on the market's end. Users can monitor pending orders in the "Orders" section of the header, receiving updates on shipping status or digital order details. Leaving a review or raising a dispute within the 14-day escrow window is possible, but it is recommended to first communicate with the vendor for issue resolution.

The Electron System

Quantum Market utilizes an electron system to rate vendors based on their activity within the marketplace. Vendors begin with 100 electrons, which can increase or decrease depending on their performance, including shipped orders, finalized orders, disputes won, favorable feedback, and regular logins. Conversely, canceled orders, disputes lost, negative feedback, and inactive logins can lead to a deduction of electrons. Vendors with higher electron scores gain trustworthiness and benefit from lower commission rates, starting at 6% and potentially dropping to 4% over time.

Conclusion: Quantum Marketplace Takes a Solid Approach

Quantum Marketplace may not be attempting to revolutionize the darknet space, but it achieves its goal of delivering a satisfactory experience for vendors and users alike. With its clean and user-friendly interface, the marketplace ensures a smooth transaction process. The electron system promotes and rewards vendors for good practices, contributing to a secure environment. Quantum also offers support for both Bitcoin and Monero, giving users multiple payment options. However, it is worth noting that Quantum only displays prices in USD and lacks walletless (direct) pay functionality. Additionally, its search functionality may be considered limited compared to other markets. Nevertheless, if you desire a hassle-free purchasing experience with robust security features, Quantum Marketplace warrants serious consideration as your next go-to darknet marketplace.

Quantum Darknet Market Details


2FA PGP Escrow

Operating since:



Counterfeit items Drugs Fraud Guides & Tutorials Hosting Software

Total listings:

1200 (As of 2023-Oct-03)

Supported coins:

Bitcoin Monero

Vendor bond:

250$ - 500$