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Cypher - Walletless Marketplace

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Cypher Market, which was established in February of 2020, is a dark web market that operates as an escrow market without the need for a wallet. This market supports both Bitcoin and Monero and instead of having on-site wallets where funds are kept centrally, they use unique addresses for each order. Once an order is completed, the funds go directly to the vendor's payout address. This approach reduces the risk of a potential attack or exit scam as there is no large pool of user funds that could be stolen or confiscated.

Cypher Market has a lenient policy when it comes to rules, only prohibiting the sale of typically banned items, and we appreciate their decision to ban anything harmful to human beings. According to comments from the Cypher admin on the Dread darknet forum, the market was created after witnessing many individuals being taken advantage of by a group of people with a pattern of getting big quickly and then exiting. This indicates that the market is run by independent individuals who seem capable of attracting reputable vendors from around the world.

Despite its basic and somewhat clunky design, Cypher Market offers some unique features that differentiate it from other darknet markets. For example, the market prominently displays its Top Vendors on the main page, below a set of Featured Listings. Additionally, a list of "Latest Orders" runs parallel to the Top Vendors, allowing users to view the market's most popular listings. We also appreciate the Dark Mode feature, which provides a less strenuous viewing experience.

Overall, Cypher Market is functional, although it may not be as visually appealing or easy to navigate as its competitors. However, when options for markets are limited, it may be a reasonable alternative for those seeking to make purchases. It's advisable to only transact with experienced vendors on this market and to prioritize maintaining good OpSec practices and encrypting personal information to increase the likelihood of a successful transaction on Cypher Market.

Cypher - Walletless Marketplace Details


Wallet-less Javascript-free 2FA PGP Finalize-Early Escrow

Operating since:



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Total listings:

3160 (As of 2023-Mar-15)

Supported coins:

Bitcoin Monero

Vendor bond:

$ 250