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Archetyp - Drugs Only

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Archetyp dark web market opened on May of 2020, Archetyp is a drugs only dark web market, it is also important to mention Archetyp accept only XMR(monero) cryptocurrency. Archetyp features the old school wallet and escrow system, meaning no direct pay or multisig options. Archetyp market features a beautifuly made and easy to navigate interface, the whole interface of Archetyp is dark, to help you keep your eyes at ease!

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Artchetyp market games section

One very interesting feature of Archetyp dark web market is the games section. There you are able to bet on various political events, global topics or even on events related to other dark web markets(Exit scams, closures, seizures, etc..)


Archetyp market product selection

As previously mention Archetyp is drugs only dark web market. You will find all of the most popular categories, including stimulants, ecstasy, opiates, psychedelics, benzodiazepines, steroids, dissociatives and presriptions. the most popular Archetyp market category is cannabis and canabis related products.

If you're ready find Archetyp Market links at the bottom of this page.


Finding products on Archetyp market

One way to find products on archetyp dark web market is by simply browsing thru the categories section. The second, better way is using the search box, there you will be able to select the desired category, country of origin, destination country, vendors trust level and finaly the price range.

Archetyp - Drugs Only Details


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Total listings:

15000 (As of 2023-Mar-27)

Supported coins:


Vendor bond:

$ 300