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Abacus - A Rebranded Market

abacus dark web market

Abacus dark web market, initially known as AlphaBet, emerged in early 2020. However, to avoid confusion with at the time revived AlphaBay, the administrators made the decision to rebrand the market as Abacus in September 2021. Despite the name change, the Abacus market team has remained loyal to their "preferred marketplace of all time" (AlphaBay) by incorporating an enhanced version of its design. Rest assured, the platform has been developed from scratch to ensure user safety.

Familiar Interface with Unique Construction

While the administrators claim to have built Abacus market entirely from scratch, it is worth noting the striking resemblance of its user interface to that of AlphaBay, which has been replicated by multiple markets. This resemblance extends to menu options, vendor and listing pages, as well as category and listing layouts.

Wide Range of Products

The Fraud category dominates Abacus dark web market, with over fifty percent of the listings related to diverse service accounts. Other featured categories include Drugs & Chemicals, Counterfeit Items, Digital Products, Guides & Tutorials, Jewels & Gold, Carded Items, Software & Malware, Security & Hosting, and Other Listings. The Drugs category is thoughtfully divided into more than two dozen subcategories, facilitating precise product searches. Abacus also provides the customary search and filter options inherent to this market template, ensuring a user-friendly experience.
AEGIS: Promoting Responsible Choices and Harm Reduction

Abacus voices its frustration with the "War on drugs" policy and demonstrates its stance through the AEGIS harm reduction project. The market believes in responsible decision-making when it comes to drug use, but acknowledges the challenges individuals face when access to information is limited. To address this, Abacus integrates the Aegis search engine/online encyclopedia into their market. Users can freely access theory and common practices related to drug manufacturing or use, promoting harm reduction. While some harm reduction information is already available in specific drug listings, the Aegis resource broadens access to additional information for safer drug use.

Strict Prohibited Goods and Services

Abacus darknet market upholds a strict harm reduction policy, reflected in their list of prohibited goods and services. This includes fentanyl or similar substances, including adulterated drugs, as well as child pornography and any resources facilitating its access. Furthermore, human trafficking or the sale of human parts/organs, services promoting physical or mental harm to living creatures (such as assassination, arson, harassment, threats, surveillance, etc.), poisons, firearms, explosives, and anything that can be used for terroristic actions are strictly prohibited on the platform.

Abacus - A Rebranded Market Details


Javascript-free 2FA PGP Finalize-Early Escrow Multisig

Operating since:



Hosting Counterfeit items Guides & Tutorials Fraud Drugs

Supported coins:

Bitcoin Monero

Vendor bond:

$ 300